Friday, 6/14/2024
at 8:00 PM

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The credit

The duel of the audience favorites: the two multiple Audience Award winners Andreas Klaue and Ralf Stech in a wonderfully funny verbal battle!

Mr. Goetz, branch manager of a bank, has everything he always wanted: a beautiful wife, a nice house, a healthy child, and a good job. But when Anton Schmidt shows up and applies for a loan, his secure existence suddenly gets turned upside down. It's all very simple: The applicant does not have the necessary collateral, so the application is rejected. The risk for the bank would be too great – and rules are rules after all. But Anton just won't take no for an answer! And eventually, he issues an ultimatum: if he doesn't get his loan, he will be forced to seduce the branch manager's wife. Mr. Goetz doesn't take the threat seriously at first. But when he tries to warn his wife, she becomes furious. Is she really worth no more than a measly loan of three thousand euros to him? In a fit of rage, she promptly throws him out of the house. Mr. Goetz is devastated. But perhaps he could win back his wife with Anton's tricks of reconquest? Surely it's just a matter of money!

Money against one's own happiness: In his successful play "The Credit," the Catalan author Jordi Galceran amusingly describes how power dynamics are rearranged until the roles are completely reversed in the end. A turbulent back and forth for Andreas Klaue and Ralf Stech!

Performances from May 16 to July 7, 2024
With Andreas Klaue, Ralf Stech
Directed by Ute Willing
Set and costumes by Jan Hax Halama
Dramaturgy by Susanne Schmitt

Event data provided by: Reservix