Mainzer Str. 22-24
65239 Hochheim
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The _hof.keller becomes the _music.cellar and receives a new look.
The new _music.cellar will become the new scene meeting place in the new cultural courtyard with carefully selected music. Live music performances, a show as a musical late harvest, the newcomer tasting, themed events with club DJs, and a modern music box are the highlights of the bar and music lounge.
Newcomers and established musicians not only present their music but also their stories that they have experienced on the "boards of the world". It's time to celebrate and dance. To match a wine and sparkling wine city, a selection of wines, trendy drinks, and suitable snacks from our new restaurant _kuli.nariath will be served.
Open House:
Thursday & Friday
7:00 pm – 3:00 am
Mainzer Str. 22-24, 65239 Hochheim
The _music.cellar
is also ideal for private and business events where you can design the entire premises, furnishings, accessories, or branding according to your corporate identity and corporate design.
We look forward to seeing you!

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