Saturday, 6/8/2024
at 6:00 PM

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When Christian talks about his past, he always leaves out a part: life in the East German Plattenbau at the beginning of the 90s. Because of the stigma? Because of the Nazis? Or because no one wants to hear about it?

The completely fictional actor Christian Simon takes us on a semi-authentic, realistic (house) tour full of fiction, bringing back to life people, encounters, and questions from the turning years in East Germany. For all people aged 12 and above.

Director: Anne Decker / Text: Juliane Hendes / With: Christian Simon

The performance starts at the specified time in the FOYER OF HLTM, Am Schwanhof 68-72, 35037 Marburg. Late admission is not possible.
The audience will move through several floors of the building during the play, both through the stairwell and by elevator. The corridors are partially narrow.

Meeting point: Foyer of the HLTM, Am Schwanhof 68-72

Unfortunately, there are currently no tickets available!

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