Sunday, 6/16/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Admission: 5:00 pm
Start: 6:00 pm

In Thomas Schreckenberger's cabaret program, everything revolves around the truth and above all around lies in all their forms.
Lies have always existed, both harmless and dangerous, intentionally leading astray. Today, the internet serves as an accelerant: bots, trolls, and fake news inundate the net with the most absurd ideas. The boundaries between fiction and reality are increasingly blurred, deepening the societal divide.
Accompany Schreckenberger through the jungle of lies of our time – armed with the machete of humor and parody, always in search of the truth.


More information at:

Hofgut Mauren (Kenntner-Scheible)
Mauren 9
71139 Ehningen

Events will take place in all weather conditions. Please remember to wear weather-appropriate clothing and sunscreen. In case of thunderstorms or heavy rain, the events will take place within the charming walls of the former church. Remaining tickets, if available, can be purchased at the box office for an additional fee of 3.00 euros.

Admission is 1 hour before the start of the event

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