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Holzmarktstraße 25
10243 Berlin

Kater Blau is Berlin's pulsating techno haven, known for its non-stop music and immersive party atmosphere. As a successor to the legendary Bar 25, Kater Blau offers an unforgettable blend of historical charm and cutting-edge club culture, making it a must-visit for nightlife enthusiasts.



Situated along the Spree River, Kater Blau is a beacon for Berlin's vibrant clubbing scene. With roots in the iconic Bar 25 and Kater Holzig, the club features two main dance floors, Heinz Hopper and Acid Arc, along with sprawling chill-out areas and the unique outdoor space adorned by the "Agnes" boat. Known for its SaSoMo concept, Kater Blau keeps the party alive from Saturday night through Monday morning. The club also hosts cultural events, theater performances, and artistic showcases, making it a diverse hub for creativity and nonstop entertainment.

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