Bonifatiusplatz 15
30161 Hannover
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Martial art as a path to harmony
between body & mind

Aikido is a physical path (DO) whose goal is harmony (AI) with the spiritual energy (KI), which should form a unity through mutual respect in joint training.

Aikido is a purely defensive self-defense that is characterized by soft, flowing movements. The principle is that the force of the attack is always directed back to its origin, the attacker, through defense. However, there is no competition in Aikido, only cooperation. This promotes constant agility that affects both body and mind, with no winners or losers.



Aikido was developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba at the beginning of this century from the classical martial arts.

He was a master in various martial arts that have shaped today's Aikido. These included both unarmed forms and sword fighting and staff techniques.

Certain key experiences in Morihei Ueshiba's life led him to the realization that it is not necessary to destroy an opponent to be victorious, but to offer him the opportunity to change his behavior.

In this sense, the techniques were modified and Aikido was created, which is based on life principles and provides the possibility for development.

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