Saturday, 10/5/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Gisela Mang, a woman in her prime, is on a highly motivated search for her dream man. She wants to be prepared when he comes!

For this reason, Gisela seeks out therapist Frau Möbenbach, who promises success with a very special form of therapy, her own developed Intensive Concentration Rapid Procedure.

This rapid procedure works as follows:
Frau Möbenbach herself now appears to Gisela in six completely different types of men and thrusts Gisela into highly provocative situations. Gisela must go through this in order to be well-prepared for when he comes...

In a fireworks display of transformation art, Frau Möbenbach leaps from one type to another - just like in a men's clearance sale! She sorts things out with the men, whether she appears as a historical inquisitor, a modern softy, or a rock 'n roll daredevil, and Gisela plays along by getting lost in her own illusions and desires after a few trigger words. One burst of laughter follows another, there won't be a dry eye in the room!

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