Saturday, 9/28/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Back to the 80s! - The party can begin!
Shoulder pads, neon leggings, leather ties, and mullet hairstyles were in vogue. Phones had rotary dials, and "Dallas" and "Dynasty" flickered on the small screen. Thanks to the Walkman, favorite music could finally be heard everywhere. Toast Hawaii was snacked on at parties, and people danced wildly to Neue Deutsche Welle hits. We loved the 80s for all of that and much more!
NDW star Markus ("Ich will Spaß", "Kleine Taschenlampe brenn") is now bringing back the cult decade. With his concert revue "The Ich will Spaß! Show", the Hessian pop singer takes us on a musical nostalgia trip with his IWS colleagues Geier Sturzflug ("Bruttosozialprodukt"), UKW ("Sommersprossen"), "Falco" musical actor Alexander Kerbst ("Der Kommissar").
The singer and his ensemble are supported by the magnificent "Ich will Spaß" live band, singer Yvonne König, and the "Ich will Spaß" show ballet.

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