Saturday, 8/24/2024
at 7:00 PM

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Simple Music Ensemble World will perform the music from the world-famous anime "Spirited Away" by Hayao Miyazaki.
"Spirited Away" is a cult work by the great Japanese storyteller Hayao Miyazaki. The first animated film to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. It tells the story of a little girl who finds herself in a mysterious world. To save her parents, Chihiro must overcome numerous challenges.
Miyazaki's films are unique worlds with their own rules, philosophies, and ideas. A central part of his art is the magical music by Joe Hisaishi, who acts as his co-author. Hisaishi composes the soundtrack in parallel with the film production, based on a brief description of the film. He uses a variety of styles, from orchestral melodies to advanced 1980s Japanese electronic music.
Simple Music Ensemble World will perform the melodies that will transport our audience into Miyazaki's magical world full of magic and enchantment.
Simple Music Ensemble World is a chamber music community that holds concerts on the best stages in the world and brings together professional musicians from different countries who sincerely love their work. The team is diverse and constantly evolving, introducing new ideas and expanding the boundaries of its creative activity.
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Doors open at 6:00 PM

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