Friday, 9/27/2024
at 5:00 PM

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There are spaces that we enter and then the world outside becomes momentarily quiet. We are less distracted by the noises of everyday life and the tasks that await us everywhere. We find peace and our thoughts drift away from the here and now, to very different places or far back into the past. Slata Roschal and Dana von Suffrin's new novels' main characters deliberately seek out these spaces to pause the present. They withdraw to remember what has been. The family history, characterized by displacement and violence, new beginnings, and their failures. The Shoah that continues to act in the language, movements, and ability to trust other people. In very different ways, but with a common focal point, Slata Roschal and Dana von Suffrin tell of Jewish history in Germany, of doors that must close so that windows can be opened.

(c) Photo Loel Zwecker: Tobias Lehmann

small hall, doors open: 4:30 pm

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