Saturday, 10/5/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Don't you agree? The best Germany of all time is starting to feel more and more like a giant rubber cell. And heaven help anyone who dares to complain about it. They lament a politics that can no longer do anything right. Our country is supposed to become more colorful every day, yet many only see darkness. From the railway to the Bundeswehr: the most diverse thing about Germany now is its diverse failures. We once had "Stunde Null" (Zero Hour), now we have the "Stunde der Nullen" (Hour of Zeros). Isn't it true? And that's why it's time to stop keeping silent. Simone Solga dares to start her very own revolution: she simply calls things by their names. And refuses to take all this nonsense seriously. An utter impertinence! Because life is too beautiful, too short, and much too funny to let the crazies ruin it. With Solga, gleefully heading towards the abyss: that's the least you should treat yourself to.

7:30 PM

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