Thursday, 9/26/2024
at 7:00 PM

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A moving biographical novel based on a true story
The story of a hairdresser who wants to shake up the fashion world in Paris - and in the end reinvents the formula for beauty in her small salon in Berlin.

When Amanda arrives at Rockbund in Paris with her sketchbook, all she wants is to meet Karl Lagerfeld and draw hairstyles for him. But as simple as Amanda, who escaped from her mother's small Eifel hairdressing salon, imagines it, it doesn't seem to be. The path is rocky and long - and yet she becomes the darling of high society in the 1970s as a talented hairdresser, giving Françoise Hardy the quirky bangs and shaping the look of an entire generation. At the height of her success, however, her friend is diagnosed with breast cancer.
Amanda realizes what losing hair due to chemotherapy does to women. This leads her to a decision, which she will later say: "I would have missed something in my life if I hadn't done this work."

An important novel full of compassion, with a hopeful look towards the future

Marie Sand writes about women who act out of love for life: their secret heroines are not looking for recognition. They simply strive every day to make the world a little better.

6:30 pm

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