Saturday, 9/28/2024
at 7:30 PM

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A quirky musical about big emotions

It's about venturing into the seemingly unfamiliar and breaking free from entrenched relationship and family structures. Here, new paths are discovered with joy and fun. Situations are turned upside down to set everything right again.

Over 130 children and teenagers from the fields of acting, singing, and dancing

Direction: Florian Stern
Musical direction: Uli Marquart
Costumes: Andrea Lintner-Fimpel
Set design: Susanne Harnisch

Choreography by: Barbara Clarke, Karin Merk, Ziya Aktas, Jasemin Balikavlayan
Band members: Ulrike Angele, Thomas Brand, Robert Breichler, Martin Kiebler, Sascha Jerg, Rico Marquart
Coaching: Erna Sommer, Volkram Zschiesche

Music and lyrics by: Andrew Lippa
Text by: Marshall Brickmann and Rick Elice

Our project is supported by the city of Biberach, the KSK, and the Bruno Frey Foundation. Thank you!

Admission: 7:00 PM

Event data provided by: Reservix

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