Saturday, 10/12/2024
at 7:00 PM

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After the uniquely celebratory anniversary year in Burgebrach, cultural highlights will continue to take place in the Steigerwald region in the future. THOMANN Management from Burgebrach, in cooperation with the community of Burgebrach, has launched "Kultur im Steigerwald" and will once again bring artists from all genres to the Steigerwald community in the coming years following performances by Troglauer and Max Giesinger. Up next: BEST OF AUSTROPOP

With unforgettable artists like Falco, EAV, Wolfgang Ambros, and Georg Danzer, our neighbors from across the border show that besides mountains and coffee house culture, they also have a lot to offer musically. Catchy songs like "Fürstenfeld", "Schifoan", or "Weilst a Herz hast wia a Bergwerk" were not only chart-toppers in their time - these cult hits continue to guarantee a party atmosphere to this day.

BEST OF AUSTROPOP brings back the golden era of Austropop, uniting the big hits of Austria's top stars in an electrifying program. Enjoy a wonderfully curated selection of Austrian delights presented by a 6-person band, who will bring the typical Austropop sound to the stage with harmonious vocals and rich guitar, authentically and with a lot of feeling. An evening for singing along, full of longing for the mountains and the time of the first ski course.

Doors open: 6:00 PM

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