Wednesday, 10/16/2024
at 8:00 PM

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After almost four decades of comedy tours, Mittermeier is going where he has never been before: into the future. As long as it still exists! But how to get there? In the 80s, people used to drive there by car. Typical. But how do you get there today? Are time travels even possible? Yep, he did it! The solution was in the basement: Mittermeier's great-grandfather was an inventor, a sort of Bavarian Oppenheimer. And he built a time machine over a hundred years ago. The thing then stood in the grandparents' basement for decades and didn't work. It was always said that it was a prototype for a solar heater. But it was just the battery that was dead. But now it's ready to go! Start time: 2024. Engine: Comedy. Fuel: Humor. Let's go, Michl, power up! However, traveling alone is less fun, that's why we travel together. Together into the future! Of course, with transitional jackets. And since we're already there, we might as well take a look into the past. There was a lot going on there too, from what we hear. The crucial thing is to laugh together, no matter the time. FLASHBACK! I know what you will have done next summer... Door opens: 7:00 pm.

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