Friday, 6/14/2024
at 5:00 PM

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For decades, cinephiles have been debating who the laurel of being the "best" James Bond belongs to: the smart-erotic Sean Connery or the British-humorous Roger Moore, the world and bon vivant Pierce Brosnan or the introverted-agile Daniel Craig. Not to mention the brief but brilliant appearances of George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton.

And have you ever noticed that for over 60 years, the same head of state has been framed hanging on the wall in Bond films? Is the agent's interaction with women charming or misogynistic? As exciting as his adventures, as diverse the locations, as romantic the romances. And so the Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie Schönebeck under the direction of their "chief agent" Jan Michael Horstmann is researching the most exciting film, the most beautiful Bond-Girl, and the funniest dialogue, especially in a musical way.

In addition to the music from the films by Monty Norman, predominantly British composers – including Albert Ketelbey, Edward Elgar, and Ralph Vaughan Williams – will resound, as well as, of course, Johann Strauss, whose music also echoes from the cinema speakers in some screen adventures.

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