Saturday, 6/15/2024
at 7:30 PM

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Manufacturer Oberholzer turns 60 and it's time to celebrate. The whole family is invited, well-liked and less liked guests. Everyone gathers for the party, including the family's enfant terrible, Oberholzer's brother Alexander, who happens to be a circus director, along with his wife Iduna, an attractive circus artist. Oberholzer's daughter Anna, feeling stifled by her bourgeois upbringing, is enchanted by Iduna and starts dreaming of a life as a circus artist. She decides to leave her parents' home in search of her own path. Anna is even willing to give up her love for gardener Robert, who is already a thorn in her parents' side, for her freedom.

Conventional affluent bourgeoisie meets dazzling circus life, a predestined life path encounters the illusion of endless freedom, all set to the music of Paul Burkhard with evergreens like "Oh, mein Papa". All that promises diverse and imaginative operetta entertainment at its best.

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