Saturday, 6/22/2024
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The famous chanteuse Sylva Varescu is preparing for her tour in America in a theater in Budapest. Her admirer, the Viennese prince's son Edwin Lippert-Weylersheim, wants to stop her and marry her - against his parents' wishes. Therefore, they obtain a conscription order. Additionally, his parents have already arranged an engagement with his cousin, Countess Stasi, and published it in announcements. When Boni, a friend of Edwin's, shows this announcement to Sylva, she leaves for America in a bad mood in his company.
A few weeks later, the engagement between Edwin and his cousin Stasi is announced at the Lippert-Weylersheims in Vienna. Suddenly, Sylva appears, causing the family honor and all assumed relationships to falter.

"The Csárdás Princess" is an operetta in three acts by Emmerich Kalman. The premiere took place on November 17, 1915 at the Johann Strauss Theater in Vienna. The libretto is by Leo Stein and Bela Jenbach. Several film adaptations have made this operetta, considered Kálmán's most successful, the subject of adaptation. The plot takes place in Budapest and Vienna, just before the outbreak of the First World War.

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