Sunday, 6/23/2024

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Seven hopeful artists, but only one can win. Who will be the "New Face of the Circus"?
In Showdown, seven acrobats compete night after night in an extraordinary casting show to be crowned the "New Face of the Circus." Guided by a charismatic host, the audience is invited to decide for themselves who will receive the coveted prize. Throughout the game, we learn more and more about the individual and shared experiences of the candidates, seeing connections and conflicts arise as they begin to question the game little by little…

Potent, approachable, and highly entertaining, Showdown brings narrative contemporary circus to the Chamäleon stage. Outstanding acrobatics transform into entertaining satire through spoken word elements penned by the rising comedy star Athena Kugblenu, all underscored by a fantastic soundtrack of UK hip hop, grime, and afrobeat from London musician Afrikan Boy.

Showdown marks the first collaboration between the award-winning British company Upswing and Chamäleon, premiering in Berlin in February 2024. A playful exploration of power and competition that captivates and makes us laugh.

February to May: Tue to Fri 8:00 PM Sat 6:00 PM and 9:30 PM Sun 6:00 PM June and July: Tue to Sat 8:00 PM Sun 6:00 PM

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