Thursday, 6/20/2024
at 7:30 PM

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Let´s Rock! STATUS QUO are coming to Germany!
British boogie legends announce 14 summer shows as part of the big "Live 2024" tour, including shows with Spider Murphy Gang and Canned Heat!

"Calling out to anyone who wants to know. We´re ready for the road it´s nearly time to go."

A song passage from STATUS QUO classic "Let's Rock" from 2011 perfectly describes what German fans can already look forward to in 2024. Promoter RBK Fusion GmbH (Berlin) announced today 14 major open-air shows for the upcoming summer by the British boogie legends!

"Rocking 'round the world like a band on the run. I like it, I like it, yeah we´re gonna have fun."

14 shows where, of course, the QUO mega-classic "Rockin' All Over The World" must and will not be missing - just like "Whatever You Want," "In The Army Now," the perennial opener "Caroline," and so on!

Guitarist and band founder Francis Rossi promises: “Fans will hear a lot of our hits from six decades of STATUS QUO. Unfortunately, we can't play them all, otherwise the concert would last over five hours.” Easy to understand with 100 hit singles in 60 years of band history.

“We´re gonna take it to the limit, take it to the top. Pull out all the stops and give it all we´ve got.”

The fact is: Rossi & Co. will give it their all as usual, after all, STATUS QUO with their energy-charged live show rightly and still count as one of the best live bands of all time!

“Getting down, down, down, getting into the groove. Yeah, all you gotta do is shake your body and move.”

Even "Down Down," the band's first number one hit, is of course firmly part of the QUO program and never fails to excite a fan. Whether "Let's Rock" 2024 is on STATUS QUO's setlist remains a mystery. Either way, the song is perfect as the motto for the summer open-air shows of the boogie kings! As the chorus wonderfully puts it:

“Let’s rock, let’s rock it. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll all night long!”

This is also guaranteed by the special guests Spider Murphy Gang, who have proven to be a "Perfect Match" numerous times in duo with STATUS QUO in Germany and will be on the (pre-)program for seven dates of the summer tour '24. On July 8, 2024, in Munich, Canned Heat can be experienced in a package with headliner STATUS QUO.

Doors open: 6:00 PM

Tickets may still be available at local box offices or at the door.

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