Saturday, 6/15/2024
at 8:00 PM

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"Stuff like that could really piss me off,
if I wasn't already so worked up anyway."

The new program: The man in green sees red!

There are so many things that the man from Bempflingen can get worked up about, so many that it's easy to lose track. Bread prices, wastefulness, bureaucratic red tape, and neighborhood disputes.

He is also happy to let his audience dictate the topics.
Rarely has getting angry been so much fun as with "Hämmerle escalates!"
Especially when he does it for you.

And what does he think of the activities of the last generation?

"As for the artwork, I don’t care: But
you shouldn’t treat food like that."

Bernd Kohlhepp is a multi-talent. He plays, sings, and dances. He converses with the audience, moderates, riffs, and balances with the audience to grab his diverse topics out of thin air while standing.

The "Backnanger Zeitung" wrote in November 2022:
"Hämmerle can make kitchen appliances talk and debate the pros and cons of a smartwatch, he can do philosophy ('There's something that poses questions inside me') and of course dialectics, as he knows how to unravel the mystery of a zebra's stripes, he excels in scat singing, can invent zodiac signs ('Liverwurst, Ascendant: offended') and peer into the souls of penguins, he can - unmatched even here - compare a woman to a refrigerator and linger in that image for a long time, he can spontaneously sing for and about audience members Hannelore and Dieter in the style of French chansons.
You can laugh until it hurts and at the same time admire the artist's improvisational talent and musical professionalism.

And the Böblingen/Sindelfingen Zeit says:
"If Hämmerle didn't exist, we would have to invent him."

Doors open: 7:00 PM

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