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What is a Poetry Slam?
A "Poetry Slam" is a modern poetic competition where authors present their self-written texts on a stage in front of an audience. Poetry slams originated in the mid-80s in Chicago and have become so successful worldwide over time that now there is at least one regular poetry slam held in nearly every major German city.
There are three simple rules to follow at a poetry slam:
The presented texts must be written by the main actors or authors, known as "slam poets" or "poetry slammers," themselves.
Poetry slammers are not allowed to use props or musical instruments for their performance.
Poetry slammers must also adhere to a specified time limit of an average of five minutes. (In the Lagerhalle, 7 minutes.)
At a poetry slam, the authors only have their bodies and their self-written texts at their disposal to entertain the audience with their humorous, thought-provoking, or rhymed piece of stage literature within five (seven) minutes. At the end of such an event, the audience determines a winner, but more important than the competitive aspect are always the spoken word and the art itself. Traditionally, the works of poetry slammers are often funny or serious, and they frequently deal with everyday life experiences. But generally, anything is allowed and anything can be expected.

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